Date: 9/1/19 6:35 pm
From: Alan & Joan Linquist <linquists...>
Subject: [wisb] Manitowoc Impound/Mink
My wife and I were in Manitowoc today and spent a little time walking around the impound near the yacht club.  Not a lot there but we did see a small number of Bonaparte gulls, approximately five.  Most of them were floating in the pond next to the dog park.  In the impound there was also a great blue heron fishing for dinner.  A number of cormorants flew around and were feeding in the various waters. There was also what seems to have been a lesser scaup, smallish but totally brown with a hooked end bill.  I think our greatest surprise was to see an American mink.  The story is that there was a mink farm in the area that animal rights activists had raided and that these minks can be found in the area.  Apparently, some have set up home at the impound and the public can see them scurrying along the rocks and along the trail.  We were sitting on the bench when one ran right by us on the path with a small fish in its mouth.  That was a definite first for us. 
Alan LinquistWashington County
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