Date: 8/31/19 1:56 pm
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Subject: IBET Doug Stotz to Speak at DBC meeting
Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pre-meeting dinner location
Ellyn’s Tap and Grill
940 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn
Arrive between 5:45 and 6:00 to chat with guest speakers as well as some of your best birding friends.

“Our” Birds in the Neotropics

Many bird species pass through our region twice a year. Some even stay to breed, but then they head south to winter in the neotropics. We like to think of these birds as our birds, and we commonly refer to them in those terms. There is another side to their lives that we seldom think about.
In reality, they are more or less heading home for the winter. The journey is a perilous one full of hazards and hardship. Once they arrive on their wintering grounds, birds face a whole new set of challenges.
Doug Stotz of the Field Museum will discuss these migrants on their wintering grounds, and how they interact with the resident birds in a different habitat. Doug will also interpret these wintering habitats, and the threats that they face which, in turn, impact many bird species.

Mini Tutorial – The Fall Warblers

Denis Kania will present a brief tutorial on how to treat a small subset of fall warblers. The warblers to be covered are those that are generally olive in color on the upperparts with two strong wingbars. Species to be included in that group include Chestnut-sided, Pine, Blackpoll and Bay-breasted warblers. You will be one step closer to enjoying fall warbler migration!
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