Date: 8/31/19 8:56 am
From: Susan Treesh <sktreesh...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Glenhurst Meadows (Somerset Co.) 8/31/19 - it's not flooded!
Jerseybirders, it's been several weeks since the last inundating rains
in Central Jersey, so I decided to give Glenhurst a try this morning,
since the NW winds had held one more night.  There was not much
migration evident, though the few migrants I found emerged from dense
cover, so there may have been more.  Resident birds were still pretty
abundant, and a pair of pileated woodpeckers were noisily flying all
over the place.

First, the good news ... Glenhurst is no longer flooded.  I think it's
been nearly a year since the place was reasonably passable. I was last
here in the spring, and only made it to the back of the property (the
Passaic River) by wading.  However, you still need knee boots at least,
because there is still mud in places, and very wet vegetation
everywhere.  In many places on the path the grass and weeds are high and
still require the dryland equivalent of wading.  There's no avoiding it.
Marc Chelemer reported from Glenhurst on July 26 and said the county had
mowed the front paths.  I don't think they've been back since, so it's
pretty dense.  Beyond the powerline cut, nothing's been touched.  The
phragmites on the west side of the small reservoir (does that reservoir
have a name?) have closed over the trail completely. You can still make
your way through - the density is lighter where the trail used to be,
but you are going to be pushing phrags out of your way.

Mosquitoes are bearable, unlike last fall when they contributed to the
preserve's inaccessibility.  However, it is quite buggy, particularly
full of annoying gnats.

Marc had also noted that Glenhurst had been relatively undisturbed for
many months, and was full of luxuriant vegetation and insects, good
fodder for birds. That is still the case.  I thought the birds were less
wary and more relaxed than in most places.

So Glenhurst is ready for individual birders prepared for high grass and
bugs.  Probably still not suitable for groups.

Good birding,

Susan Treesh

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