Date: 8/31/19 7:02 am
From: Dean Newhouse <dean.newhouse...>
Subject: Mystery Bird Call in Rocky Ridge County Park, York County
Have a couple recordings of a bird call/song that I don't recognize, and I'm
hoping someone can listen to them and recognize the caller. I've posted the
recordings under 'passerine' on an eBird checklist at

I made these recordings yesterday (Friday, 8-30-2019) during the lunch hour
at Rocky Ridge County Park in York County, near York, PA, as my wife and I
ate lunch at a picnic table in a wooded area. It wasn't real close to us,
so you'll need max volume. The first recording was made with my cell phone
and the 2nd recording was made with my camera recorder. Seems to me that
2nd one is a bit clearer. This bird kept it up the entire time while we
ate. Without any variation. It did move about, so it got a bit closer at
times, and then farther away, and so on; but it never really stopped during
the 45 minutes that we were there.

Unfortunately, there was no way to trek into the undergrowth to get closer
for a visual.

Thanks for the help.

Dean Newhouse

York County

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