Date: 8/29/19 7:13 pm
From: Cherrie Corey <cherrie.corey62...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Gulls galore and flying ants
Linda, thank you for this reminder. We’re usually at our Downeast cabin in
Surry, ME in late August. I have witnessed this miraculous annual flight
from the base of our ancient black ash tree for some 30 years. All the ants
stream toward the morning sun and so many end up in the bay, just down the
road, by day’s end. Am missing them this year.

Cherrie Corey
Marlboro, VT

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 8:10 PM Ted Home <tedgpurcell...> wrote:

> We see this some years here in Central Mass, but it is nighthawks and
> dragonflies.
> Ted Purcell
> Rutland MA
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> On Aug 29, 2019, at 6:16 PM, linda pivacek <lpivacek...> wrote:
> This is the day/early evening that the flying ants hatch and hundreds of
> gulls swirl around to catch them. I see this each year from our house in
> Little Nahant. And happened to see this awesome sight again at 5:10pm
> today.
> It takes me by surprise each year since it just happens for a sudden 1-2
> hours then over. Also the gulls are joined by dragon flies predating the
> ants.
> Maybe it will be still be going tomorrow.. a special natural event.
> Perhaps an entomologist would provide info via Massbird.
> Linda Pivacek, Nahant
> <lpivacek...>

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