Date: 8/29/19 2:48 pm
From: LarryandMona Rogers <larryandmona1...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Hummingbird Aggression
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There have been lots of entries in VTBIRD lately regarding aggressive hummingbird behavior at feeders and backyard flowers. The only species that appears with any regularity here in the northeast is the ruby-throated hummingbird. We have seen lots of other hummingbirds (currently 37 species, and counting) and have visited many of the hummer hot spots: the Payton’s backyard in Patagonia, Asa Wright in Trinidad, Monte Verde., etc. We might not have been terribly watchful, but we don’t remember seeing any particularly aggressive behavior on the part of any of the other 36 species. Does anybody know if this is a ruby-throated specialty, or have we just been inobservant?

Larry and Mona in Brandon

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