Date: 8/29/19 6:16 am
From: Tamima Itani <tamimaitani...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET No Sightings - Piping Plovers at Montrose Beach
Good morning everyone,

A most bittersweet "No sightings" this morning for our celebrity Piping Plover family at Montrose beach. One young, unbanded Piping Plover was last seen on Monday 8/26 by Josh Engel. No one observed any Piping Plovers at Montrose on 8/27 or 8/28. They appear to have all started their journey South. The Montrose dunes and protected beach were re-opened yesterday and all enclosures were removed. There was discussion of opening up these areas a week ago, but ultimately they were kept closed a bit longer so that the young plovers would have a quiet beach to retreat to and feed on when needed. Body fat is a significant determinant in a successful flight South.

From here on, we will not know what the young plovers' fate is or what their future holds, as they were not banded, out of concern for added stress in an already atypical environment. We just know they made this summer a very special one for many, and we wish the entire family safe journeys and long lives. Hopefully, Monty and Rose will chose to nest at Montrose again next year, or at Waukegan Beach, and other piping plover pairs will chose IL beaches as their nesting ground as well. These charismatic birds have been stellar ambassadors for birds in general and the people who love them.

On behalf of Carl Giometti, Matt Igleski and myself, as well as the Illinois Ornithological Society, the Chicago Ornithological Society and the Chicago Audubon society, we want to thank this community for supporting the 3-month effort to monitor and protect the plovers and for understanding the need to restrict key areas of a premier birding hotspot. We wish you all great birding as the fall migration gets underway.

Best regards,

Tamima Itani
Evanston, Cook County

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