Date: 8/29/19 6:07 am
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Cape Cod Purple Martins 2019
It's come to my attention that this may not have gone out to everyone,
so I'm reposting.

Thanks to Mary Keleher and the tremendous work she's done!

Barbara Volkle

Northborough, MA



From:  <maryeak...>

[MASSBIRD] Cape Cod Purple Martins 2019

Sun, 25 Aug 2019 17:08:55 +0000 (UTC)

Despite having a few intense storms on the Cape at the end of July, the
Cape Cod area Purple Martins had a very successful season and managed to
ride out the storms with no major issues.

This is my 12th year working with Purple Martins and each years the
population continues to increase on Cape Cod.

In Mashpee there were 48 pairs, 253 eggs, 216 hatched and 214 young
fledged. All 214 young were banded plus 2 ASY males.

At Mass Audubon Long Pasture Sanctuary in Barnstable there were 22
pairs, 116 eggs, 97 hatched and 90 young fledged

Thanks to the Falmouth 300 Committee for installing a second gourd rack
at the Falmouth County Club this spring and monitoring this colony. This
year there were 19 pairs, 103 eggs, 86 hatched and 84 young fledged. The
300 Committee has also been in contact with The Cape Club in Falmouth
were there has been a 12 gourd rack for a number of years but no one has
monitored this site. The system and gourds need updating so hopefully
something can be worked out where the 300 Committee can be involved with
this site. There was one active nest with 5 young.

At Mass Aububon Wellfleet. Bay Wildlife Sanctuary there were 7 pairs
that fledged 29 young. All 29 young were banded.

For those interested here are a few photos from the 2019 season.

Thanks to Keelin Miller for helping me with the two Mashpee colonies,
keeping records and martin sitting while I was away! Thanks to Master
Bander Mike Maurer for organizing the banding of these two colonies.

If anyone or any groups or organizations in the Cape Cod area as well as
Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are interested in establishing  and
monitoring (monitoring is the important part) a Purple Martin colony
feel free to contact me at <maryeak...>

Mary Keleher,
Mashpee, MA
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