Date: 8/28/19 7:24 pm
From: Aly Ollivierre <akdegraff...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Vermont Author Publishes New Bird Book for Eastern Caribbean Archipelago
Back in 2014 my fundraiser to assist with research costs for a bird guide I
was co-authoring made its rounds on this listserv and a number of lovely
birders donated, so I wanted to provide an update to everyone!

My co-author, Juliana Coffey, and I have finally published our avian field
guide, *Birds of the Transboundary Grenadines* (,
after almost 8 years of hard work!! Our goal for this project was to create
a comprehensive, user-friendly avian field guide, which includes scientific
and local ecological knowledge (LEK) and folklore from Grenadine citizens,
and would be a valuable resource for training local bird monitors,
educating the general public, promoting sustainable tourism initiatives,
enhancing the overall conservation and management of Grenadine resources,
and that would be useful to both locals and foreigners with an interest in
the avifauna of the region.

The book is the first avian field guide that covers the islands and cays
shared by the countries of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada and
it contains:

- 140+ pages of high-quality photographs of the birds and natural areas
of the Grenadines
- 117 bird profiles with details on identification, diet, habitat, local
knowledge, and sightings
- 14 detailed maps illustrating conservation areas and local toponyms on
more than 50 islands and cays
- Full chapter of previously undocumented local ecological knowledge,
folklore, and prehistoric-to-modern-day human values of birds

We are really excited to put this book out into the world, especially to
our friends and colleagues across the Caribbean and the Atlantic Flyway!
Please feel free to reach out if you're interested in finding out more
about our book and research, or if you'd like to buy a copy!

Thanks again to my fellow Vermonters for the support!

All the best,

*Alison (DeGraff) Ollivierre*
Middlebury College '10.5 (and from Middlebury, Vermont)
Birds of the Transboundary Grenadines <>
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