Date: 8/28/19 6:03 pm
From: Ryan Tomazin <wvwarblers...>
Subject: Nighthawk migration - Allegheny County
Hello all,

It struck me this evening that I live really close to Hilltop Park (in Heidelberg/Presto), which, for the uninitiated, is conveniently located on top of a hill with panoramic views. I headed up there and began watching for nighthawks at 7:24. A minute later, I got my first two. I suppose I was spurred on by our 0-fer on Mt. Washington on Monday with Scott Kinzey. I stayed until 8:20 and got a total of 19 nighthawks, with the 18th being the hunter, picking a dragonfly out of midair over the meadow, and flying very close before diving down into the meadow and flying below me.

Since people on various listservs were asking for times and directions, I kept track:

7:25 - 2 birds, moving west to east over Nevillewood
7:34 - 3 birds, moving east to west over Bridgeville
7:40 - 1 bird, moving northwest to southeast from Heidelberg
7:43 - 3 birds, headed east-northeast from Nevillewood
7:44 - 1 bird, moving north to south
7:57 - 4 birds, moving north to south over Nevillewood
7:59 - 1 bird, moving west to east
8:00 - 1 bird, moving north to south
8:02 - 1 bird, moving north to south
8:10 - 1 bird, moving north to south, hunting over the meadow for a couple of minutes
8:19 - 1 bird, moving north to south over Nevillewood

I also had at least three large brown bats (not sure if they Big Brown Bats or not, but they might have been).

I might start counting there now, so I will post nights and times. Friday night is a possibility, as are many nights after.


Ryan Tomazin - Bridgeville, PA
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