Date: 8/28/19 1:09 pm
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Crazy stuff! We've had a similar situation here with a juvenile hummer this week. It picks fights with the Galium Sphinx moths at the phlox and bergamot as well with as other hummers and chickadees. Our hummers also have plenty of native flowers and a feeder to enjoy - including lots of jewelweed. Still, nobody has been safe - including my wife and I who've been buzzed at close range by pairs of hummers in mid-battle. Might have to get some gardening safety goggles.

Sheridan Brown
Grantham, NH

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Subject: [VTBIRD] hyper feisty young hummer

I think this must be the same juvenile, first I saw it chasing a
(similarly) juvenile chickadee, not just a bit but following the clearly agitated bird's leaps away, through the branches of several trees.(though it quit when a bevy of chickadees came swooping across the garden in defense.) A day or so later, it chased a massively larger immature male Cardinal, again off posts and through branch after branch until both disappeared. Now, today, as two Monarch butterflies nectared on Tithonia and Joe pye weed, both nearing 7'
tall, it chased them from blossom to blossom until they moved on, appearing to take a quick sip between times for fortification. This despite masses of jewelweed and a big clump of cardinal flower ... .
Never seen quite this level of garden policeman syndrome!
Veer Frost, Passumpsic NEK

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