Date: 8/28/19 10:03 am
From: Eric Arnold <eba...>
Subject: [birders] bat removal advice
A friend of mine has reported to me that she believes she has a bat in her
house. She doesn't know how it got in, but has it isolated where she found
it, in a small upstairs bathroom.

I have not had much experience with bat encounters, having removed one from
my house many years ago, and would like to have suggestions on appropriate
removal strategies.
Ideas I have would be to capture it with something like a fish net for
netting a fish before removing a hook, or containing it with a colander or
large sieve placed over it, and then sliding that over a sheet of metal
(e.g. a cookie sheet without a turned-up edge, cardboard, or thin plywood
or some such material to enclose it so it could be removed without injuring
it or getting bitten or scratched, or possibly by removing the screen from
the window and leaving that open, possibly at night, in the hope that it
would find leaving preferable to staying in this confined space, but with
the difficulty of it not being easy to check on its activity or that other
bats might find it intriguing.
Other ideas? Good people to contact for assistance?
My friend's house is on the west side of Ann Arbor, on Dexter Ave. between
Huron and Maple.

Eric Arnold

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