Date: 8/28/19 5:45 am
From: Dave Leibert <xdave...>
Subject: Re: Brown Booby. Easton, Northampton county
Howdy All,

While driving along Bushkill dr in Easton this morning about 7:30 I saw
something that might have been the Brown Booby.

This was a large dark bird with long and somewhat thinner looking wings.
It flew North without flapping towards the small ridge that Lafayette
drive is on. I thought the head and tail was elongated .

A smaller bird was chasing it but I couldn't tell what that was. It
could have been a crow but who knows.

I only saw this bird for a few seconds and it disappeared over the
little ridge. My thought were that it was unusual and it wasn't and
eagle or turkey vulture.

This spot is near the old scrap yard and Dieter Brothers heating and

40.701190, -75.219836

I looked around for this bird a little yesterday after the 33/248
sighting near the Greenpond area. No luck. That flooded field at
Greenpond is really drying up.

Happy Birding
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