Date: 8/26/19 7:25 pm
From: Ken Copenhaver <copenhvr...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] rescue of a hummingbird
Many years ago a hummingbird flew into my garage through the overhead
door. I found it trying to get out through the closed window of the
opposite wall, repeatedly bumping itself into the glass. If I hadn't been
there to free it, I suppose it would have (eventually) either turned itself
around and flown out through the overhead door, or exhausted itself against
the window. In any case, catching and releasing the bird was a memorable

--Ken Copenhaver

On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 7:41 PM Sue <2birdvt...> wrote:

> I too have had the thrill of a hummer rescue. A friend called to say she
> had a hummer on her porch and it wasn't finding its way out. So I went down
> and observed this tiny bird up high at a small window. A ladder was secured
> and I climbed up to the bird and slowly brought my hand towards the trapped
> bird. As I enclosed my hand about the hummer she relaxed and I took her
> outside and released her. Off she went free as a bird!
> Sue Wetmore
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> > On Aug 26, 2019, at 12:48 PM, Maeve Kim <maevulus...> wrote:
> >
> > I had an extraordinary and touching experience this morning. I went out
> to the garden for the morning harvest, and as I stood picking cakes I heard
> an odd whirring noise close by. There was an immature Ruby-throated
> Hummingbird caught in the mesh fencing of the garden, his bill and head
> inside the garden and the rest of his tiny self outside. It took only a
> second or two to free him, but all the while he made a high almost singing
> noise that I didn’t know hummers could make.
> > I am SO happy that I went into the garden then, rather than a few hours
> from now, and still touched and delighted that I - for a second - held a
> hummingbird and was able to set it free.
> > Maeve Kim, Jericho Center
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