Date: 8/26/19 2:41 pm
From: Gerry Cooperman <trogon6...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Fwd: IDA,

I don't know the exact year I met Ida safe to say it was over 35 years ago. Whenever she met someone new the first question usually was do you belong to the BBC and if you said yes that was good. When she learned in our conversations that my wife was Greek that sealed our friendship and whenever we met I would always greet her in Greek warning her that was my limit of the language. Many kind words and stories have already been posted and it was evident that she touched a lot of people, I always enjoyed her keen wit. When she had to she could be tough in the kindest of ways but you knew the message was delivered. When the Ivory Gull was visiting the Cape back in January of 1987 behind the Horizon Restaurant it enjoyed a roasted chicken courtesy of Ida. As I was running into the area I did not notice the ice and literally slid right past the bird. Ida came over and asked if I was okay then told me she was glad I did not scare the bird. It is quite ironic that I was on the pelagic trip when she slipped but was not okay. Birders in Massachusetts should know that there have been many pioneers that have made birding something very special. Ida was one of those pioneers and I know she would say " It is our responsibility to make it better for all those who are yet to come."
"Borei to pnevma tis na ypsonetai se eirini pano apo tous okeanous"
"May her spirit soar in peace over the oceans"
Gerry Cooperman Cape Cod


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