Date: 8/26/19 2:36 pm
From: anneboby <00000038cbe79a41-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] rescue of a hummingbird
Maeve - as a hummer bander who has banded over 5700 of them, and in the process allowed dozens of attending observers the opportunity to hold one of these avian jewels in their hand for release, the response from all these people has been one of absolute awe and amazement...a life-changing moment for them awakening them to a whole new world.
I am pleased that you are now among them.
Bob YunickSchenectady, NY

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From: Maeve Kim <maevulus...>
Sent: Mon, Aug 26, 2019 12:49 pm
Subject: [VTBIRD] rescue of a hummingbird

I had an extraordinary and touching experience this morning. I went out to the garden for the morning harvest, and as I stood picking cakes I heard an odd whirring noise close by. There was an immature Ruby-throated Hummingbird caught in the mesh fencing of the garden, his bill and head inside the garden and the rest of his tiny self outside. It took only a second or two to free him, but all the while he made a high almost singing noise that I didn’t know hummers could make.
I am SO happy that I went into the garden then, rather than a few hours from now, and still touched and delighted that I - for a second - held a hummingbird and was able to set it free.
Maeve Kim, Jericho Center
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