Date: 8/26/19 11:56 am
From: Lynn Erla Beegle (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: RE: Name-dropping carolinabirds Digest Sun 25 Aug 2019
To Pam Diamond, Regarding the August 25 discussion about properly
reporting rare bird sightings:
I do not appreciate having my name dropped into carolinabirds without
my permission, approval, or knowledge, especially when you put words
in my mouth ("[she] would tell you I am a passionate and committed

Although I don't find your name-dropping "deeply offensive", I DO find
it to be a fine example of "chutzpah". Do not drag me into your

And by the way - it's Dr. LeGrand. Not Mr. ... As long as you're using titles.
Erla Beegle
Raleigh, NC
P.S. I responded publicly only because my name and INCORRECT opinion
were placed on the carolinabirds listserv without my approval.
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