Date: 8/26/19 3:52 am
From: Mike Resch <0000012cec6153db-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Moving to North Carolina, Thanks for the Memories
After 26 years in New England I’m retiring to the mountainsof western North Carolina.  I’ve had agreat time birding throughout the region, and greatly appreciate all the helpprovided by Vermont birders.  Althoughsome of the best VT birding was a long drive from home, limiting my VT list to282, I still enjoyed lots of fond birding memories like –
“Pelagic trips” on Lake Champlain with Little Gull(10/19/13) and Sabine’s Gull (9/9/17)
Fall passerine trips to the southeast part of the statefinding a Connecticut Warbler (9/27/16) and Blue Grosbeak (10/12/18)
Seeing a Yellow-crowned Night Heron by flashlight atBomoseen SP on 8/31/15 (on my 3rd try)
Slowly ticking off those shorebird species at places likethe Colchester Causeway, Goose Bay, Dead Creek, etc.
Poring through goose flocks in Vernon to find Cackling andBarnacle Geese (3/28/07) -though I couldn’t pick out the Barnacle after it andthe rest of the flock flew out over NH airspace
Those large Snow Goose flocks, with an occasional Ross’s, inAddison
Finding Grebe and Scoter flocks on inland lakes duringmigration.  Not to mention rarer“coastal” waterfowl like Harlequin Duck (3/23/06) and King Eider (11/30/17) Now I’m looking forward to learning more about the birds of themountains of NC and beyond.  Afterall,just like New England, there are a lot of states nearby -SC and TN are justshort drives away.  One species I’m especiallylooking forward to learning about is the Swainson’s Warbler that breeds in themountainous rhododendron thickets – I’ve never seen them in that habitat.
Also now that I’m retired from my 9-to-5 job, I’m starting abird guiding company - 50 States Birding.  I’m putting my knowledge of birdingin all 50 states to use in providing two guiding options:

1.  Traditional guiding services where Iaccompany birders in the field to help find target species or in general birdan area that is new to them.

2.  A unique research-based service whereI provide birders with customized information to help them bird an area ontheir own.  In this lower-cost option Iuse on-line research supplemented with my own personal knowledge of the area toidentify birding sites that best meet the client’s objectives.  Then for each site I provide a downloadablePDF including maps, lists of expected species, tips to find key species, andgeneral suggestions on how to bird each site. (sorry for the commercial)
If your travels take you to the mountains of western NC, orplaces nearby, send me an e-mail – perhaps we could bird together (Swainson’sWarbler anyone?)  Plus I can catch up onall those rarities I’ve missed back in New England.

Mike Reschwww.statebirding.blogspot.comHendersonville, NC 
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