Date: 8/25/19 8:39 pm
From: GRIGGS, JERRY <griggs...>
Subject: Yard activity, Columbia, SC
There was some nice activity today, including a new bird for our list, in our yard in Columbia/Irmo along Rawls Creek, upstream from Saluda Shoals Park and by the new Mungo Park. The unusually mild temperatures (a high here of just 78), clouds, and northeast winds suggested we should pay attention today.

A mustard-colored Summer Tanager (female) came to bathe in the birdbath, and was seen later snacking on the berries of our Chinese Fringetree. It looked like the bird that came once before this month. A greenish Painted Bunting came to the feeders, a female or perhaps an immature male as there was a reddish tinge to the wings. It was coming regularly a month ago, but we haven't seen it for three weeks. It loves the white millet seed. We suspect they breed near us in the new park.

A Hackberry Emperor landed on a Red Oak trunk, a new butterfly for us.

We spotted a bright bird flitting in a nearby short Persimmons tree, at eye level from our house. Head and chest yellow, gray wings, and a black line through the eye. Blue-winged Warbler! Not reported in our county in eBird since spring. Male. I rushed out back, and got quick looks at it in a thicket of trees and vines. My blurry photos also revealed the white wingbars, and white undertail. New for our yard list! No. 142. Our other addition this year was Merlin, last spring. It is amazing what one can find.

Jerry Griggs
Columbia, SC

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