Date: 8/25/19 3:48 pm
From: Bridget Butler <birddiva...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] One Pelican or Two?
Greetings All!

At Birds & Beers VT the other night we got talking about the American White
Pelican sightings. We were in the Islands so many folks who had come out to
join us had seen the bird and some had taken photos. We had a mix of folks
who had seen a pelican at the Hen Island site, the Campbell Bay site or

After a bit, we got to talking about whether there were two birds or one
bird that had possibly molted. So we started comparing photos from the Hen
Island bird and the Campbell Bay bird. We used the Islander newspaper photo
<>s by David Marsch (Hen) and then Juli Filberti's
photos <> she got from a kayak (Campbell).

So, here's our question that was left unanswered as we all used our phones
to try to look up info on molting for this species and decipher the molting
explanation on Birds of North America Online...IS IT THE SAME BIRD?

David's photos show black on the back of the head while Julie's do not.

Please explain why or why not as we were all trying to grapple with the
timing of molting for this species and whether or not enough time had
elapsed between when the bird was seen on Hen Island and then when it was
found again in Campbell Bay.

Thanks for playing along & helping us extend our Birds and Beers


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