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Subject: Re: IBET Tame Goldfinch Update...
Hi Paul,

I am afraid this may be finch eye disease, which is highly contagious and results in the death of the finch. Please google it online. If you believe that may be it, as hard as it may be you will need to take your feeder down and sterilize it (chlorine bleach), otherwise you other finches feeding at this feeder will also get the disease.

This will be a tough decision as the finch will loose its source of food. One option is to remove the feeder as soon as he has fed.

Best wishes,


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Dear Paul:

Thank you for sharing this story and for your kindness.


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Subject: IBET Tame Goldfinch Update...

This lovely creature is blind. While at the feeder, he perched upon my finger and I observed the eyes closely...blindness explains 3 things to me:

#1 At the thistle feeder, he perches with one foot elevated to the feeder while the right foot is on the perch branch itself - creating additional balance and security.

#2 His travels are short distances only. To the Zinnias which are heavily blooming within 12 feet of the thistle feeder, or to the White Pine or Norway Spruce also very nearby at 14 feet away from the feeder.

#3 Travels 25 feet to the sound of the fountain that runs constantly from May => September and must operate as a sound beacon for orientation.

I plan to keep him going safely as long as possible. Can anyone explain the blindness? = a bittersweet, story, but lovely garden resident.

Cheers, Paul Stensvaag
NW IL, County of Cook

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