Date: 8/24/19 7:03 am
From: Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Lazuli Bunting in Beaufort NC?
I keep hearing "buzz" from various sources, for which I cannot seem to
locate either on Facebook or eBird -- though friends have said they have
found such "buzz" -- that this bird likely will have to remain
"unidentified", or "inconclusively documented", to use my paraphrasing.
The original photo and the lightened/enlarged photo certainly by itself
does not document a Lazuli Bunting, in my opinion, especially as Common
Chaffinch does not seem to have been ruled out from the photo. Though
the observer reported "bright blue head, rusty orange feathers under the
chin and a white breast" on her Facebook comments, which does lean it to
the bunting and not the Chaffinch, note that Chaffinch also has a large
white upper wing bar, and it rusty orange on the throat up to the chin, has
some blueish on the crown and nape, and the belly is pale. Lazuli Bunting
-- certainly the much more likely of the two -- has two of the three
written marks -- a bright blue head and a white belly, but the rusty orange
color is on the upper breast; the throat and chin is mainly blue.

I am on the NC Bird Records Committee, in an advisory capacity, as a
non-voting member. I encourage:

1) the observer to complete a Rare Bird Report form, to let us know more
about what she saw. It is clear she is not a birder, had no idea what a
Lazuli Bunting was, and of course Chaffinch is a foreign word. Thus, we
have no idea from Facebook comments if she had looked at photos of Common
Chaffinch, to say "yes" or "no" to that. She did say "yes" to Lazuli after
she had seen online photos, but …..

2) the NC BRC to vote on the bird, as from what I currently see on
Facebook, it stands there as an identification as a Lazuli Bunting. This
has never been sent to eBird, that I can tell. Someone told me that the
eBird reviewer was not going to accept the report, but … as it nonetheless
WAS reported on Facebook as a Lazuli Bunting, it needs a vote, as the
potential third record for NC.

Harry LeGrand

On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 4:57 PM Will Cook <cwcook...> wrote:

> Folks may be interested to know that there's an apparent Lazuli Bunting at
> a feeder in Beaufort, NC, confirmed by a photo that may just be good enough
> to clinch the ID. I know nothing more than what's in this post on the
> Carolina Birders facebook group:
> <>
> A darling little bird, indeed!
> Will
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