Date: 8/23/19 4:42 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Chasing Bill's Baird's Sandpiper at Brig, Atlantic County
Chasing birds is my least *like* subject in school of birding. Reason why I usually do not partake. However, all bets were off on the previously reported Baird’s Sandpiper at Brig by Bill E. I was over two hours late getting to Brig since I could not pass-up on the yard birding which has picked up in the last two days. About 8 Eastern Kingbirds yesterday and Baltimore Oriole this morning to name a few.

It has been several years ago since I last saw a Baird’s in live-action which was at Whitesbog. I was totally in luck at Marker 4. As soon as I started my scan, the Baird’s simply walked out from one of the grassland island. As soon as I took some doc photos it took off. That was that.

Rest of the day I drove myself nuts looking at an odd snowy egret type with blue lores. After a lengthy look-study, I decided it was just an odd snowy. During the pouring rain a very distant Calidris was noted from the north dike. Very poor viewing conditions but decided insert C-U-R-L-E-W into my bird brain. No dice there either.

Highlight of the day was *passing on the four White Ibis* to a fellow birder. She was so stoked and stated she has never seen White Ibis. My hope for the day is Bill’s Baird’s can be refound this weekend.

Some photos reserved for my fellow beginner birders.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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