Date: 8/23/19 6:54 am
From: Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...>
Subject: [wisb] Bobolink Dispersal & Migration
Good day:
On 8/15/19, Tom Schultz found several BOBOLINK
individuals on Townline Rd. in the Buena Vista Marsh near Plover.

I enjoyed the spectacle of seeing 30-40 individuals, but, as Tom noted: no males were present.

In response, I have been reading, including the account for this species via the subscription I retain with
Birds of N. America Online.

An excerpt from the “Migration” chapter states:

“Some birds depart breeding areas late Jul–early Aug, apparently congregating in freshwater or coastal marshes where Prebasic molt is completed.
However, some males may begin staging as early as the first few days of July.

In turn, based on the above excerpt, I wonder if any Wisconsin birders wish to provide comment on their recent July & August observations of Bobolink?
You saw them in breeding/nesting territory in July & August? Or in non-breeding territory as potential dispersers……? Or perhaps true migration happens after
the “intermediate staging” ground behavior occurs where a prebasic molt is completed….(?)

As a sidebar note, I checked eBird records for Kentucky & TN that are just south of this species’ southern-most breeding territory. NO July & August records
were present, but it’s still possible breeding Bobolink individuals in WI may either remain as dispersing individuals and/or migrate south, but do not reach KY/TN
until September and beyond (?)…..Thanks in advance for any thoughts….

Regards, Daniel


Daniel Edelstein

Novato, CA
(SF Bay Area)


465 Isle View Rd., Ellison Bay, WI

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