Date: 8/22/19 12:20 pm
From: Fred Vir <avtrader...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Caspian Terns at Hawk Rise, Linden Rahway River default bait fish
They are likely shad (Brevoortia tyrannus---Atlantic Menhaden),
.................that tend to arrive in summer in the Rahway River and N
NJ as the young move up in large schools from the S and they prefer
brackish water like you were on.

You also mention Gizzard Shad from a different family....have seen them
but the above is COMMON.

Fred V


On 8/21/2019 6:32 PM, David Bernstein wrote:
> ive ultimately landed on the sandbar in the Rahway River.
> The Terns and about forty Cormorants were feeding on a unknown species of fish, each being about three to four inches long, that suddenly appeared in large numbers. Curious what type of fish they were. Seemed like there was plenty for all. An amazing sight. Another birder, who joined me later surmised they could be young Shad. Gizzard Shad? White Suckers? Is there a default bait fish in the Rahway River? Anyone?

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