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I didn’t know Ida as well as so many of you, but Paulette and I did get to spend time with her on 2 BBC Downeast trips. She was remarkable. I love the idea of the plank. She was such a force and institution in NE birding, I'm wondering if it would be possible to start a petition or effort to get the FWS to name the boardwalk in her honor? That would be fitting!

Good birding to all.

Gary Freedman
Stow, MA

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Lynette, Wonderful idea (the boardwalk plank). I love and would vote for
the 3 words at the end of Maggie Peretto's sweet tribute to Ida: "Soar free
Ida!". There's a recognition there that Ida loved birds and that, as others
have noted, her indomitable spirit will live on. We lost a great lady.
Dave Gibson

Dave Gibson

On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 8:48 AM Lynette Leka <lynetteleka...> wrote:
> the loving tributes posted on MassBird should be collected in some sort of a memorial...
> I didn't have the opportunity to know her as others did - but when she would come barreling through the entrance to the Parker River refuge, much more focused on getting out there to the birds than presenting her pass, as gatehouse attendant I was totally delighted and inspired
> if those who did have the good fortune to be with her feel it might be appropriate, I would like to suggest a boardwalk plank in her name, for the Hellcat Trail Fundraiser at the refuge; I can make the arrangements, but am stumped for the inscription - my idea was to select a descriptive phrase from the MassBird postings ("Ida Giriunas - a legend in her time"?), but there are so many that would aptly apply, I don't know how to choose...
> so if her birding colleagues would like to weigh in on this idea, you could do so through MassBird, or directly to me -
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