Date: 8/21/19 9:24 am
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Sad news - Ida Giriunas
With permission, I'm sharing these words from past BBC president Barbara

Barbara Volkle

Northborough, MA



    Thanks Barbara for telling me about the death of Ida Giriunas in
her 91st year of life. She never gave up . I can remember when she was
first diagnosed with a type of leukemia that, in those days had no cure,
but Ida lived with it and underwent difficult treatment for it for about
a half a century. She was badly hurt in an auto accident on a birding
trip, but she came through.  When close to 90, she fell boarding a boat
for a pelagic trip, but that didn't stop her from planning the next
trip. When age prevented her from walking long distances, she arranged
trips for those who also faced similar challenges.
    In her non-birding life,  Ida was an  R.N. in Neurology at Mass
General. She had a  long career in nursing and she always put the
patient first.
     Ida grew up with music. She told me she played the piano while her
brother played the violin. He went on to play in a major symphony
orchestra as well as becoming an excellent birder like his sister.
Birding and music often go together.
    I learned a great deal from Ida, not just about birding, but she
was a great role model to learn from. People of Ida's character and
strength are few and far between today. I feel so fortunate to have had
her for a friend for so many years.  Barbara Howell
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