Date: 8/21/19 3:11 am
From: August Mirabella <am4birds1...>
Subject: Peace Valley Park (IBA)- Bucks Co. (8/12-8/20)
Birder reports have been light. Some recent highlights .
2 Blue-winged Teal 8/12 flyby
1 Killdeer 8/16 -surprisingly the only one reported here this summer
1 Laughing Gull juv. 8/20 (photo) -on concrete walkway at dam. Probably
annual but rarely reported at the park.
Lesser Black-backed Gull -high report 3 8/12 (photo)
Caspian Tern - 4 8/12(photo), 1 8/20
Great Egret regular-high report 4 8/20
Osprey-for the 2nd yr. in a row one perches on the dead swamp oak for hours
near the parking lot at the nature center (photo). Calls a lot there. Often
joined by Turkey and Black Vultures
E. Kingbird - apparent fallout with 16 at one spot 8/18 near gravel lot
near dam end of lake.
Purple Martin - high count 2 through 8/20

Thanks to all who reported their sightings.

August Mirabella
North Wales, PA
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