Date: 8/20/19 8:20 pm
From: 'bill butler' via Birders <birders...>
Subject: [birders] Barn Owl calling (reprise)
Thanks much to all the folks that shared feedback and their expertise. Here is a summary.

Great Horned Owl (juvenile / begging call): Great Horned Owls frequent our property, so I got onto Xeno-Canto's website and listened to perhaps a dozen recordings of juveniles and begging calls. The variations all struck me as being vaguely cute and none had what I would consider a blood-curdling timbre. The calls I heard here were much hoarser and harsher than the GHO recordings.

Mammal (fox): My initial thought at the 1st calling was of a distressed cottontail, but the sound was wasn't right and distressed cottontails don't likely call from the same place 3 nights running. We frequently see Red Fox or signs of their passing and are often entertained by their yipping , however I was unaware of the range of their vocalizations. I tracked down one recording of a Red Fox scream. It was more drawn out and less discrete than the calls I heard, but the hair-raising quality was spot on. Considering the current paucity of Barn Owls in Michigan and the known population of fox around my house, a fox seems to me to be the most credible source.

Bill Butler

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