Date: 8/20/19 6:10 pm
From: Jim Edlhuber <jimedlhuber...>
Subject: [wisb] Canada Jay, Red Crossbills, BW Hawks ~ Sheltered Valley Road, etc. Forest Co. 8/19/19, some images...
Hi all,
I saw a recent report of the Canada Jay and Boreal Chickadee species in
Forest County Wisconsin. I had the urge to try for these species once again
to get them on my Wisconsin life list. An earlier winter trip a couple of
years ago for these species was a bust. Mike Wanger wanted to join me as he
needed the Boreal Chickadee. We met at 2:30 am in Milwaukee and made the
run up. Arriving at around 7am, it was 48 degrees, clear as a bell, quiet
as a mouse and it pretty much remained like that for that till noon. We
birded up and down Sheltered Valley and Pine River Roads, and a few other
locations, know areas for these species to be seen. Every 5-10 minutes or
so we would park, get out and walk up and down the road quietly for 10-30
minutes, look and listen. After and hour or so we found a Canada Jay in a
Tamarack tree a little ways off the road. It only hung around for a second
after spotting it. I got a horrible shot of the Canada Jay, but was enough
for a ID. We came across some Red Crossbills eating cone seeds on a
Tamarack tree. Two juvenile Broad-winged Hawks put on a show at one
location, they were looking for food. We saw a few small flocks of warblers
feeding, they were moving around. It was amazing that we both could walk a
ways out on a bog on a possible deer trail and there were no mosquitoes or
flies! It was a exciting day for the both of us with a total of 34 species
for the day! No Boreal Chickadee was seen or heard, I guess it will be
another trip another day.

A couple of images from the trip along with Mike's ebird report on what we
saw at this link if you care to view them:


Thanks and good birding,

Jim Edlhuber
Town of Genesee Waukesha Co

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