Date: 8/19/19 6:43 pm
From: Spence Stehno <pensacola634...>
Subject: [wisb] Roosts of Chimney Swifts Waukesha
After dinner on Saturday, I was in downtown Waukesha and I heard the
familiar chittering of the zig-zag flying Chimney Swift posse. Cathy H.,
from Ben Goss Bird Club had reported seeing Chimney Swifts flying into a
chimney of the Waukesha Historical Society recently, so I found a comfy
spot and awaited sunset. There were 15-20 birds skittering around, and a
couple scouts went into the chimney and as it got later and to sunset, they
just kept coming and I was surprised that there were over 500 entering to
roost by the time it was almost dark. There were a couple of Night Hawks
flying around, the first of the season for me. Last year much lesser
numbers of swifts were using private home chimneys west of the main
Library, and before that year, a chimney by the Social Security Building.
These will need to verified to see if they are still roosting locations.
Sunday evening, Sandy P, Mary & Meredith C. and I met at the Old Norris
School in Okauchee on Wisconsin Avenue. Last year the chimney on this
semi-abandoned 100-year-old-school had nights of over 4000 swifts entering
this roost. Here again, we started out with 20-ish swifts flying around,
and over 30 minutes, about 20 went in. Then as sunset arrived, more and
more started entering until we quit counting with dark falling fast, with
1000 Chimney Swifts totaled. This group had more of the
swirling-circling-flight pattern around the chimney that seems to occur in
these events, than at the Historical Society, they were more scattered in
their flight.

There will be a number of Swift Nights Out occurring around the state, if
you have a chance to observe or find a roost, please do so! It can be very
exciting wonderment at this process. If you have a substantial "Roost"
that's occurring, would you please let me know so that this information can
be shared with others in the Chimney Swift Working Group?
It would be good if we can locate and identify places & chimneys that are
being used for this migratory extravaganza.
(Using eBird so far hasn't allowed for finding large numbers of swifts in
roosts. We know of large roosts in Janesville, Madison, Whitefish Bay,
Waukesha, Delafield, Menomonee Falls, Okauchee, Oconomowoc, and hope to
hear of more locations, and encourage eBirding as much as possible for this
Thanks to all!
Spence Stehno, President
Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club, Waukesha

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