Date: 8/19/19 6:11 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Missed opportunity for photo doc of common nighthawk, Camden County
Lately, more so than before I find myself window-shopping at Oregon Listserve especially for shorebird fix. That is how I got the idea of fishing for a common nighthawk after getting home from work.

To my surprise *or as I anticipated* one flew over my street and over the neighbor’s nursery. Although I have not seen one since last summer at home sky, very distinctive flight style with wings held in a V-shape during up stroke was unmistakable for positive ID, Quick peek via bins revealed white wing bars. While waiting for the common nighthawk to show up I did enjoy several greatest crested flycatchers, blue-gray gnatcatchers, cedar waxwings, and single black-and-white warbler and eastern wood-pewee. All viewed from doing the nighthawk sit at the driveway.

But sadly, I missed the photo of the common nighthawk. Reason ? I was all caught up tinkering with my new Android phone and trying to install GroupMe, I had no clue there are three NJ’s own GroupMe birding groups besides Bill’s. The common nighthawk was almost out of my sight when I took my eyes off the phone.

It looks like I will be visiting Oregon Listserve for ID tips on shorebirds bit more as I witness the evolution of NJ birder’s path away from JBirds

Yong Kong
Winslow Township

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