Date: 8/19/19 1:59 pm
From: Josh Southern (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Call for Summer 2019 reports for the "Briefs for the Files"
Dear Carolinabirders,

It's now time to submit your Summer 2019 (June 1st through July 31st)
reports of noteworthy NC/SC bird sightings for the "Briefs for the Files"
section of "The Chat."

If you already posted your sighting to the carolinabirds listserv or
submitted a checklist through ebird, then it's not necessary to send me a
separate report, though all are welcome.

I'm most interested in reports of very rare species, very late or very
early migrants, species in extremely unusual habitat, extremely high
counts, and nesting far outside of typical range. For all reports, please
include the bird's full common name (no abbreviations), the name of the
observer(s), the date, the location including the county if known, and an
attached photograph if available. For very rare or hard-to-identify
species, please include a written description if not attaching a
photograph. For the most unusual sightings, I may ask you to fill out a
Rare Bird Report Form for submission to the state's Bird Records Committee.

Please email your report to me at <joshsouthern79...> by September
15th. If attaching a word document, please also "copy and paste" the
contents into the body of the email.

Thanks and Good Birding,
Josh Southern
Holly Springs, NC

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