Date: 8/19/19 1:13 pm
From: Liz Pease <lizpease...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Newburyport peregrines
I'm back (after suddenly realizing I was no longer getting MassBird

I'm happy to report that yesterday morning around 10:30 or so, I heard and
saw two of the Newburyport peregrine falcons soaring and diving over the
waterfront park area. Based on the nearly constant calling (which sounds a
lot like very unhappy gulls), I'm guessing they were two of this year's

Upon telling my mom about it, she directed me to this article in The
Newburyport Daily News about one of the hatchlings being rescued after
becoming waterlogged. Some of you are probably already aware, but figured
I'd share:

I'm so happy to see these amazing birds regularly in an area I frequent --
especially after seeing the one deceased bird on the bridge earlier this



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