Date: 8/14/19 2:41 pm
From: marty bray <mborcc...>
Subject: [obol] Negative on Ruby-throated hummingbird this a.m.
I looked for the Ruby-throated Hummingbird this morning between 8:30 and
10:00 a.m. in the area where it was sighted in Waldport but was
Some details:
I searched Kira Lane and River View Lane to the east. There were about 5
rufous hummingbirds and one Anna's hummingbird along River View Lane
feeding on fuchsias in several different yards. The larger patches of
fuchsias seemed to be "guarded" by at least one rufous hummingbird. There
were also about 4 homes that had hummingbird feeders but I didn't observe
any hummingbirds using them.
I also watched the backyard that the RTHU was found for about 20 minutes
without any dogs barking and saw one RUHU during that time. It visited the
fuchsias there and briefly flew up to the new hummingbird feeder but didn't
feed from it.
So it appears that the best strategy for relocating the RTHU continues to
be a stakeout of the yard where it was originally found. Best of luck : )
Marty Bray
Seal Rock

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