Date: 8/13/19 4:18 pm
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Subject: [MASSBIRD] Duxbury Beach: ISS shorebird survey
Mea culpa.. I apologize to my friends who encourage my posting; be assured
that the issue is not health or the like - overcommitment of time is the
culprit. I grab available hours to be in the field but then return to the
desk, compile the data, work through photos and then run out of time. I
intend to do a catchup post with Spring highlights before too much longer as
there were some nice birds to report including a rare spring Buff-breasted
Sandpiper, Royal Terns, and Black Skimmer. Also, the Turnstone migration in
late May is always a highlight for me, and this year was no different (338
of the beauties on May 27!).

I've managed to keep up with my ISS (International Shorebird Survey)
censusing activities. With the Endangered Species legislation being
undermined and federal funding for field research shriveling, the role of
volunteer efforts like the ISS takes on increasing significance especially
for the amazing shorebirds that rely on Duxbury Beach on their annual
migration treks. The latest very informative bulletin can be found at
pdf); great work being done by the team at Manomet to grow this important
(and fun!) effort.

The ISS surveys are to be conducted roughly 10 days apart, with the fall
migration portion starting about July 15 (after a month's hiatus following
the spring migration). So far, my 3 fall surveys (links below) have logged
14 shorebird species bringing the 2019 total to 19 including Oystercatcher,
Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Red Knot, Dunlin, and White-rumped Sandpiper seen
in the spring but not yet in the fall. The individual lists with some pix
are found at

July 19 survey: <> (11 species incl. pix: Horned
Grebe in breeding plumage)

July 29 survey: (13 species
incl. pix: Lapland Longspur in breeding plumage!!)

Aug. 9 survey: (14 species
incl. pix: 3 Whimbrels)

Rick Bowes, Duxbury, MA

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