Date: 8/13/19 10:13 am
From: Marty Wall (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Black Tern, Rockingham County, NC
There was a Black Tern visible from the Carolina Marina at Belews Lake in
Rockingham County, NC this morning. It stayed pretty far out and was only
seen twice in ten minutes, then not at all for an hour before I had to
leave. Viewing opportunities are limited at this large lake, with a boat
being the only way to see some places. I added a couple of distant photos
to my eBird report linked below.

There were also three Common Loons close to the marina for a while. I
heard them before I saw them and will add a recording to my eBird report
when I can. I last saw one on July 16. Before that, I saw three on July

The other interesting sighting at Belews Lake this morning was a continuing
large roost of House Finches. They stay in a sycamore overnight and fly
out at dawn. In a thirty minute period I counted 690 as they departed in
flights of 1 or 2, up to 60. I rounded large groups down and surely missed
some, so I think 700+ birds in this roost is possible. I first noticed
them on July 23. Counts have varied, mainly based on how focused on them I
on a particular day. I don't spend my time out there to count House
Finches, but it has been interesting! The local Eastern Kingbird singles
out one of the finches occasionally and torments it as it tries to fly away.

Happy Birding!

Marty Wall
Eden, NC

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