Date: 8/13/19 6:12 am
From: Barbara Brosnan <bbrosnan...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Tri-hybrid wood warbler
Talk about confusing warblers, fall or otherwise!

Barbara Brosnan

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> On Aug 12, 2019, at 11:59 PM, Ryan Tomazin <wvwarblers...> wrote:
> Yes, as it was not too far east of Pittsburgh (PA). Lowell Burket actually did a program on this for the Three Rivers Birding Club of Pittsburgh last fall. The bird, as last I heard, has not been refound this year.
> A few weeks ago, a friend from WV sent me a link to an unusual hybrid near Cleveland, a Cerulean/Yellow-throated Warbler blend.
> Ryan Tomazin - Bridgeville, PA
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> Subject: [VTBIRD] Tri-hybrid wood warbler
> Did anyone else see this? Ruth Stewart E DorsetA newly discovered
> “tri-hybrid” wood-warbler!
> The source for the following is:
> David P. L. Toews, Henry M. Streby, Lowell Burket, Scott A. Taylor (2018). *A
> wood-warbler produced through both interspecific and intergeneric
> hybridization*, *Biology Letters*, published online on 7 November 2018
> before print | doi:10.1098/rsbl.2018.0557
> <>
> <>Recently
> an exceedingly astute Pennsylvania birder came upon a bird that appeared so
> unusual to his keen eye that he brought it to the prompt attention of the
> Cornell Department of Ornithology. This led to the temporary capture of the
> bird in a mist net and subsequent DNA testing that revealed an astonishing
> result. This bird was in fact the offspring of a Chestnut-sided Warbler
> <>
> and
> a Brewster’s Warbler <http://brewster/> – which is itself a hybrid between
> a Golden-winged Warbler
> <>
> and
> a Blue-winged Warbler.
> <>
> This
> “tri-hybrid” is a first. It has never been documented before. The amazing
> new hybrid has been dubbed “Burket’s” Warbler after the deserving gentleman
> who discovered it. The thumbnail is from the cited article;
> <> it is not my own
> and I take no credit for it.
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