Date: 8/13/19 3:21 am
From: Alfred Maley <alfredmaley...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Entitled Photog at the MIKI Nest
Had some errands near Durham yesterday, so I thought I’d try for my
now-annual kite sighting. After finding a legal parking spot, I walked a
ways to the recommended observation spot. There the boisterous kitelet was
showing well and its mother showed up, circling around looking for
dragonflies and cicadas.

I was about to leave when a car with MA plates drove up and parked on the
opposite side of the street, next to a No Parking sign. A man got out with
a camera and walked back to get an unobstructed view and started taking
pictures. Being cantankerous by nature, I yelled across the street “No
Parking signs don’t apply to you?” He turned and said “Well I’m only here
for a few minutes.”

He took some more pictures and then returned to his car, opening the
driver-side door wide while he stored his camera. The polite drivers on the
street stopped to wait for the door to close, which it finally did.

It always amazes me that the mere purchase of an expensive camera can turn
an otherwise law-abiding citizen into a scofflaw to whom the laws don’t

Al Maley
Hampstead, NH

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