Date: 8/11/19 2:15 pm
From: robirdman <robirdman...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Piping Plover documentary, episode 7
I mentioned before how I had to get another larger hard drive, and
shuffle things around among drives.  It was somewhat of a shock when I
was ready to do the next video with chicks and the videos were not in
the archive.  I was wondering if I accidentally deleted hundreds of
shots and video in my moves and deletions. They were in my database,
which meant I had taken the steps of weeding, adding data and giving
permanent ID numbers.  But I finally found still on another hard drive,
still in the original day folder, not yet moved to their more permanent
location. Such a relief. After moving them and a lot of other stuff, I
did a lot of double backing up of stuff before doing anything else.

It had been a long time since visiting again, and now there was the new
nesting site with 2 chicks in the enclosure, when I went on July 18. 
Since, I had so many clips (78) I decided it was too many for one day
and so am breaking into 3 parts, now called episodes. So episode 7 shows
the chicks in the enclosure, venturing out, parental exchanges.  At the
end, when I was left by myself in the viewing area behind the rocks,
Monty seemed very curious and approached much closer seemingly checking
me out.

Free viewing is at

Rob Curtis


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