Date: 8/9/19 8:41 pm
From: Philip Kline <pgeorgekline...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Sauvie Island (Col.) Solitary Sandpipers, Franklin's Gull, possible YB Cuckoo
This evening, there were an incredible FIVE Solitary Sandpipers using one
fairly small area at the location Wink mentioned. There was a fair amount
of squabbling as one might expect. I neither saw nor heard any sign of a

Good birding,

Philip Kline

On Fri, Aug 9, 2019, 5:17 PM Wink Gross <winkg...> wrote:

> I birded the west side of Sauvie Island in Columbia County this afternoon.
> At Round Lake there were 3 SOLITARY SANDPIPERS, which, needless to say,
> is 2 more than expected. As the clouds gathered overhead, I think I heard
> the
> “kdow-kdow-kdow” of a YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO calling from across the
> lake over towards Mud Lake. It only called once.
> I drove up to Big Eddy, parked and walked along the N side of Mud Lake
> back
> towards Round Lake, hoping to hear the possible cuckoo again. Played the
> call
> from my iPhone, for what that was worth. No luck. Anyway, seems like
> decent
> habitat, and might be something to keep an ear open for.
> Walking south from Big Eddy parking towards the Narrows, along the area
> I call “Jay’s Shangrilah”, I saw the continuing FRANKLIN’S GULL. With
> it were 3 RED-NECKED PHALAROPES. There were about 1500 peeps
> out on the mud towards the middle of Sturgeon Lake--appeared to be roughly
> equal numbers of Western and Least sandpipers. No larger shorebirds.
> Wink Gross
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