Date: 8/9/19 1:15 pm
From: Andy Frank <andydfrank...>
Subject: [obol] Re: 2 Snowy Egret at Smith-Bybee
I thought I'd share some information on the Snowy Egrets that I found
interesting. The first Snowy Egret in Multnomah County was in 2011, found
by Bob Archer at Smith and Bybee Lakes in Portland. Since then one has
been seen each year in Multnomah County except none were found in 2015.
Every sighting in Multnomah has been at Smith-Bybee; there are no eBird
records anywhere else in the county. Also, each year there has been 1 and
only 1 bird (as best we know. On some years one seemed to stay around for
awhile but it could have left and been replaced by another one).

So it's interesting we finally confirmed more than one there, and with one
having been seen about 2 weeks ago, this likely represent 3 different birds.

Andy Frank

On Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 12:05 PM Andy Frank <andydfrank...> wrote:

> First found by Joshua Myers, then Wink Gross realized there were 2.
> Conveniently stood near 2 Great Egrets for comparison.
> On Smith Lake. Walk past the blind and look right.
> Andy Frank

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