Date: 8/9/19 6:26 am
From: weatherbird58 <weatherbird58...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Re: anecdotal - Hummingbirds
Steve: Thanks for the post. Is the lack of understory a new development
this year? Up here by Boone, the few prickly ash near me were defoliated
not long after leafing out but I never saw the caterpillars.

Although I'm not a keen record keeper, it seems the hummingbird nesting was
"late" this year. We had the normal 2-3 males and a few females around our
house, but only in the past few days have we seen confirmed immatures. The
males are just lazying around at the moment. Interest in the feeders has
ebbed and flowed all summer- pretty slow right now too. I just attributed
it to availability of natural food, but I'm no expert! We never do see
hoards of hummers at our feeders.

Karl Jungbluth, 2 miles south of Boone

On Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 6:34:13 PM UTC-5, saharv23 wrote:
> Normally this time of year I'm feeding 32 - 48 oz/day of nectar to
> uncountable hoards of ruby-throated hummingbirds: fledglings are flocking
> the feeders and the early migrating males are competing with them. This
> year there is a paucity of the wee flitterers, and I'm feeding less than 8
> oz/day. A near 50/50 mix of m/f. adults.
> Another observation is that locally, in my adjacent oak/hickory timber,
> there is a definite lack of understory. e.g. prickly ash, buck brush where
> one might expect RTHU to nest.
> Comments?
> Steve
> rural Clarke County

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