Date: 8/7/19 1:42 pm
From: Daniel Farrar <jdanielfarrar...>
Subject: [obol] Lane Coast shorebirds
There was a nice group of shorebirds at Heceta Beach mid morning. About
250 Westerns with 1 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER and a dozen or so Least. There
were 4 juvenile BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS in the mix. Plus a smattering of
SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS. These were all up at the "puddle" north of the
hotel. Lower on the beach with Sanderlings were 2 BLACK TURNSTONES. As I
was watching them a group of 4 SURFBIRD came flying down the beach with two
more Black TS in tow. Further north across the creek at Sutton beach 3
RUDDY TURNSTONES landed briefly with Sanderlings before heading south.
Many MARBLED MURRELETS were visible and close in to shore. A GRAY WHALE
was heading south. A very calm ocean offered great sea watching conditions
(which I did not have time for).

Good birding,
Daniel Farrar
Dunes City, Oregon

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