Date: 8/5/19 6:50 pm
From: Tom McNamara <tmcmac67...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Need help with this flycatcher
Hi all,

I'd call this a Willow flycatcher. Not sure why the lores has been
mentioned as an elimination character for this species as they can indeed
show pale lores (variable extent). Rule out Western Wood Pewee on
structure and behavior cited: they have very long primary projection, have
a more sloped/crested head; also, they have splotchy undertail coverts and
appear more vested; also wingbars are faint unlike this pictured bird. And,
Contopus flycatchers to not wag or pump their tails.

Willow rather than Pac-slope because: very slight eyering rather than the
prominent tear drop extending post ocularly. Shows whitish throat (rather
than pale yellow); this show a pretty broad tail which is typical of
FWIW. cheers, Tom

On Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 4:23 PM larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>

> A quick check of the Birdfellows website shows a Pacslope in the header
> photo with a similar bill- yellow orange to the tip, seemingly some yellow
> on the upper mandible as well.
> Where do the tips of the folded primaries end? Well ABOVE the end of the
> undertail coverts, almost even with the base of those undertail coverts.
> This is "short" primary extension, and that eliminates Hammond's. Dusky is
> famous for short projection, and it is a very standard feature on Pacslopes.
> Dusky would be a regular migrant at Steigerwald, but not a breeder.
> Sedulous investigation of brushy clearcuts 15 miles to the north or east
> might reveal one this time of year. They simply do not breed in our western
> lowlands and are scarce in all of the Oregon Coast Range spots l have ever
> visited. Although l have been familiar with Pacslopes for 48 years and they
> breed in my yard, l have only seen one as well as these photos once.
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> From: Sam Neuffer <samneuffer...>
> Date: 8/5/19 3:38 PM (GMT-08:00)
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> Subject: [obol] Need help with this flycatcher
> Hi,
> I was at Steigerwald NWR yesterday and couldn't ID this flycatcher. It
> doesnt look dark enough on its body to be a western wood-pewee but it's
> bill doesnt seem dark enough to be a dusky flycatcher. It also bobbed its
> tail like a kestrel so I'm not sure if that is typical behavior for
> Hammond's which is also another possibility. Any help would be appreciated!
> Sam

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