Date: 8/5/19 9:46 am
From: Shawneen Finnegan <shawneenfinnegan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Fernhill Wetlands Blue-winged Teal??? Help?
I would also call these Cinnamon Teal as Bob and Hendrik have said along with the reasons why.

As for age and sex one of the birds looks like a juvenile based on the three incoming much rustier flank feathers on right bird in 1st photo, left on the 2nd. These feathers are larger than the rest in that row. Juvenile feathers typically are smaller than adult feathers and in neater clean rows.

As Bob Archer mentioned the eye color of young males start turning red very early. Per Reeber’s waterfowl book they start turning red by two months of age. In this case looking at the eyes I see a reddish tint on the one with the incoming red flank feathers while the other bird’s eyes look brown.

Given all of this I would age the one as a juvenile male and the other as an adult female.

Shawneen Finnegan
Beaverton, OR

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