Date: 8/2/19 5:06 pm
From: Eugene DeMayo <eugenedemayo...>
Subject: [cobirds] Science and hummingbird feeding

Can anyone help me? I am interested in finding scientific references on
avian disease promoted by humans feeding hummingbirds. In particular, I’d
like to see scientific opinions or, better yet, studies or evidence, on
cane sugar nectar as a vector for disease causing agents in hummingbirds
and best practice recommendations for cleaning polycarbonate plastic

I *have* seen quite a mix of dire, authoritative and unscientific opinions
from internet experts who offer no supporting references. Facts would be
better than opinions.

The best I’ve found is good but doesn’t answer my questions:

Microbial communities in hummingbird feeders are distinct from floral
nectar and influenced by bird visitation. 2019. Author(s): Lee, CasieTell,
Lisa AHilfer, TiffanyVannette, Rachel L


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