Date: 7/31/19 7:08 am
From: DJ Lauten and KACastelein <deweysage...>
Subject: [obol] crossbills
Speaking of messy species complexes reminded me that RED CROSSBILLS have
been rather busy here on the south coast over the past few weeks.   
They were very absent in the beginning of summer, but over the last few
weeks they have showed up and in our yard here in Bandon Coos Cty they
are chattering up quite the storm, singing complex songs.    As most
other species have gone quiet over the last couple of weeks, the
crossbills have not gone quiet at all.    And to me, they are just RED
Crossbills, I dare not (nor care not) to make any attempts to classify
them as a type.........


Dave Lauten

Bandon OR

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