Date: 7/31/19 4:02 am
From: Don Henise <kiskadee3...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Titmouse Oak or Juniper?
I am not an expert on the "Plain" Titmouse group by any means, but I am
a long time eBird user and I just want to clarify that designating a
bird in an eBird checklist as "Oak/Juniper Titmouse (Plain Titmouse)" is
not declaring that the bird you are reporting is a hybrid. It is only
stating that the bird is in the "Plain" Titmouse group and the observer
is not certain as to where in the group it belongs. As far as I can see,
there is currently no designation in eBird for "Oak Titmouse x Juniper
Titmouse (hybrid)".

On 7/30/2019 9:59 PM, <rriparia...> wrote:
> Maybe that's not scientific, but I think calling birds across eastern
> Oregon hybrid titmouse unscientific too.
Don Henise

Myrtle Point, OR

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