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Would Lakeview be "west of the Warner Divide"?
I have records of titmouse in Bullard Canyon, Lakeview, when I lived
there. That's at the base of the North Warners. And I have records of
titmouse, likely Juniper, along the western shore of Goose Lake,
although I'm not sure it was in Oregon, but even if not, it's still on
the Modoc Plateau. That habitat continues northward along the west
side of Goose Lake Valley swings northeastward across the Thomas Creek
drainage, over to Crooked Creek where it connects with habitat on the
east side of Hwy 395. So, there is habitat connections between the
Warners and west side of Goose Lake Valley. I don't think Adel birds
are as isolated one might think.
I have also found titmouse on the east side of North Warners, sort of
on the south end of Big Valley, east of Dismal Creek. I think I've
heard of Joel mentioning those birds in that area when he's gone on
treks to that part of the state. I've encountered them usually on the
day prior to the Lakeview BBS, and I've explored the seemingly old
growth juniper hills on the east side of the Warners, and north of
Fort Bidwell, CA.
Kevin SpencerKlamath Falls, OR

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Well, looking at Tom Crabtree's eBird map, it looks like there are
plenty of titmouse records east of the Warners. It's all juniper
habitat, at least to the Klamath line...
Craig Miller

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On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 9:15 PM Craig Miller wrote:
Just to set the record straight, I know of no titmouse records
_west_ of the Warner divide, but they occur regularly north along Fish
Creek Rim nearly to Plush, and irregularly along the west slopes of
Hart Mountain as far north as DeGarmo Canyon. I know of one record at
Blue Sky at Hart Mountain, and the northernmost one on Table Rock
northeast of Silver Lake. They extend south from the Warner Valley
into Nevada and possibly into the extreme northeast corner of
Craig Miller Bend

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There are zero titmice to the east of Adel and zero to the north.
Why would this spot generate hybrids? There is a large titmousefree
zone west of the Warner Range. I fully understand the pitfall of
basing an ID on geography alone. But the isolation of the Adel
population makes trying to turn it into a hybrid zone spurious at

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